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Location / Approach

Wappen: Karl Nikolaus Haas, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Wappen: Karl Nikolaus Haas, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The town Kahl am Main is located in Bavaria at the boarder to Hessia, conveniently located at the Autobahn A45 between Aschaffenburg and Hanau. As the name tells you, Kahl directly borders the river Main and the popular Main cycling path . Many cyclists regard this tour as a must have, starting at the Weisser Main near Bischofsgrün or at the Roter Main near Creußen. Thus you can follow the river Main for round about 550 km to its estuary into the river Rhine near Mainz.

Due to our rich sand deposits we people from Kahl have been called „Sandhasen“ (sand rabbits) ever since.

Bild: Copyright Gabriele Delhey | CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Gabriele Delhey, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Five circular trails invite for walks and hikes. Starting point is the prominent former water tower next to the historic town hall in the town center near the Bundesstraße 8. In the course of the walks you will meet both rivers flowing through Kahl, the Main and the Kahl, which joins the Main near the town Kahl. More information about Kahl you will find on the Kahl town website.

The former county town Alzenau with its historic castle is only about 5 km away. Further nearby towns are Karlstein, Seligenstadt and Großkrotzenburg. The big cities Aschaffenburg, Hanau, Offenbach, and Frankfurt are quickly and easily accessible by car or train. You reach Kahl station on foot in 15-20 minutes. The train journey to Aschaffenburg main station is 12 minutes, to Frankfurt am Main it takes about half an hour.

The Spessart forest with many possibilities for walking and stopping for a bite is a popular sparetime destination. Very near, at the Hahnenkamm hill in Alzenau, you find great walking and mountainbiking tours and specially arranged trails (further information on The romantic water castle in Mespelbrunn is also a marvellous attraction.


  • bike shop with repair and assembling shop ca. 30 m

  • next supermarket ca. 260 m

  • snack bar, döner, pizzeria ca. 400 m

  • restaurants ca. 400 m to 1 km

  • next bank ca. 800 m

  • to the river Main ca. 1 km

  • Großwelzheimer See (lake) ca. 1.3 km

  • Kahler See (lake) ca. 5 km

  • Kahl am Main station ca. 1.6 km

  • Seligenstadt (via ferry) ca. 4 km

  • Alzenau castle ca. 7 km

  • Hahnenkamm Alzenau (hill) ca. 10 cm

  • to Autobahn A 45 ca. 2 km

  • Hanau ca. 10 km

  • Aschaffenburg ca. 15 km

  • Mespelbrunn in the Spessart forest ca. 33 km

  • Frankfurt ca. 40 km

  • Frankfurt airport via Autobahn A 3 ca. 45 km